Finding Joy in the Rain

Finding Joy in the Rain

Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Admittedly, I struggle with gratitude. Life is not promised to be easy, and I try to remind myself that the ebbs and flows of life are one of the only things promised about life. I’m okay with it because I understand that things always balance themselves out. That doesn’t make things easier to accept. It just helps to know that I have something better to look forward to. 

Right now, I have a lot I could complain about but I have been tasking myself with being better than the negatives of the now. Gratitude is not hard to maintain, it just takes you being able to see past what you perceive you lack. There will ALWAYS be something that could be better. However, I am not an experiment. I am a person and that means I will not spend my days trying to manufacture perfection in my space. Perfection is a state of mind. If anything is “wrong” with my world I need to know that I am strong enough to identify real issues and ungratefulness.

It truly costs nothing to be grateful. Your soul needs gratitude to survive. It’s simply low-vibrational behavior to constantly walk around with the spirit of dissatisfaction on your spirit. No one wants to be surrounded by negativity. Not even yourself. By no means, am I saying don’t have your moments. We are only human. With that being said, balance is recommended. It’s okay to have moments where you can’t see the good in your situation, but it not okay to keep that mentality with you. You cannot manifest from a space of lack. So, improving (if need be) your situation requires a spirit of gratitude. 

Below you will find tips I recommend for remaining grateful in your rough moments and seasons.


Journaling helps a lot when you’re dealing with heavy emotions because there is no judgement or dialogue with journaling. When you’re journaling you can express everything you’re feeling no matter how ugly or harsh it may be. Journaling allows you to get out your thoughts in a positive and safe way and it doesn’t require much to do it. You just need a journal, a pen, and an open, honest heart.


I am a firm believer in the saying “I’m whatever I say I am”…well I’m not sure if that is a real saying but I believe in the mentality of that statement because it’s true. The power of life and death lies in the tongue. If you speak it, it will be. If you believe it, it will manifest. That’s why I am such a fan of affirmations. To affirm is to declare that something is. You are declaring that something is alive when you recite affirmations. You can write your own or you can utilize affirmations that are already available to you. Whatever you do, just make sure you are speaking life, prosperity, happiness, and peace over your life!

Do things you’re good at and that brings you joy

It’s so important to stay reminded of who you are outside your day to day life. You may be a good employee or business owner, mother, student, friend, significant other, etc. but you are also more outside of that! You have talents outside of the things you do for others. Stay in touch with that side of yourself. Staying connected to your gifts help you to remember your worth outside of what others, and even you, believe you are capable of. It’s also very important to keep joy flowing in your life that isn’t just attached to others and tangible things. Acknowledge your talents and what makes you happy as often as you can. I enjoy writing, reading, painting, and singing.

Lean on your tribe for a pick me up

When you’re feeling down hit up a good friend or two for a pick me up. Be honest and tell them what you need and let them take care of you as friends should! Allow yourself be loved on and uplifted by the people in your life. We all need to be restored sometimes. Don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones to be there for you. 

Develop a plan

If you are finding that some changes need to be made in your life, create a realistic plan to execute those changes. Commit to what is possible (at the time!) for you and make changes as your progress! For example, if you are trying to change your eating habits commit to only shopping the perimeter of the grocery store for a week and see how that works for you. Your plan doesn’t have too large or extensive. Just focus on things you can do to achieve your ultimate goal, do those things, and adjust when necessary. 

Understand that life has ups and downs

Life is life (lol) I don’t know how to better describe it. Life is not promised to be easy and I personally, don’t need it to be. We aren’t here to skate by. We are here to learn and grow. I’ve never faced anything that was too much for me to bear no matter how hard or painful it was. The world doesn’t stop spinning just because your feelings are hurt. I know, that may be a hard pill to swallow but it’s the truth. We have to learn to adapt to what is, instead of solely focusing on what we wish to be. You can only get to what you wish to obtain by moving through your current reality. We have enough coming against us in this world, don’t add yourself to the list. 

2 responses to “Finding Joy in the Rain”

  1. Loving the positivity on your website, practicing a few of these regularly has completed transformed my life in the best way! I’m learning that by practicing gratitude for what’s in my life currently, the universe goes above and beyond to fill my life with even more to be grateful for!
    Congratulations on your Forbes feature by the way!!
    xo Bri


    • Hello! Thank you so much for reading. I’m glad to hear that you’re able to transform your life with gratitude and positivity. It is truly a life changing tool that I exercise daily as well. Wishing you all the best!

      Liked by 1 person

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