How to Use Planetary Hours to Improve Your Life

I learned about planetary hours this year and it has been life changing! Since learning about planetary hours, I’ve implemented this system in my work and personal life. From posting my content (I once posted on my IG during the mercury hour and the post reached over 10k people and have over 600 likes) to sending important emails to even creating my Hinge profile (judge me not! We are in a pandemic!) I’ve seen amazing results of utilizing the planetary energy of the hour. Read more to learn what are planetary hours and how to use them properly!

What are planetary hours?

Planetary hours are blocks of time that correspond with a specific planet. Planetary hours take on the energy of the planet it corresponds with, giving that block of time that planet’s energetic influence. The best way to use planetary hours is in conjunction with the days of the week. However, you don’t have to only do certain activities on a certain day, that’s why we have planetary hours!

Planetary hours range between Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon. The sequence goes from slowest moving planet to fastest moving planet (to appear in the night sky). These seven planets are closest to the sun and they are also visible in the night sky to the naked eye. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are not and that is why they do not have planetary hours. Also, there are only seven days in a week. Remember the planetary hours are modeled after the days of the week. 

The seven days of the week got its start in the Roman Empire after they replaced the eight-day Roman nundinal cycle with the 7 days of the week. The days of the week got their names from hellenistic astrology (Greek) and later the Roman empire gave them names after their contemporary deities. In modern times, the names of the days of the week are derived from German norse gods, which are the names we use today!

There are seven days of the week/planetary hours and their rulers. 

Days of the week:

  • Sunday/Sun Planetary Hour: 
  • Norse god: Sól, Greek name: Helios
  • Monday/Moon Planetary hour
  • Norse god: Máni, Greek: Selene
  • Tuesday/Mars Planetary hour:
  • Norse god: Týr, Greek: Ares
  • Wednesday/Mercury Planetary hour:
  • Norse god: Óðinn, Greek: Hermes
  • Thursday/Jupiter Planetary hour:
  • Norse god: Thórr, Greek- Zeus
  • Friday/Venus Planetary hour:
  • Norse god: Frigg, Greek: Aphrodite, Hera
  • Saturday/Saturn Planetary hour:
  • Norse god: n/a, Greek: Cronus

Using planetary hours:

Using planetary hours is very simple. You just need to know what hour is ruled by what planet and plan ahead. To do this I recommend the app Time Nomad. It’s a mostly free app (the planetary hours feature is free!). When you download the app, click where it says dashboard, scroll to the world section and click on the last option which is planetary hours. It will pull up the hours for the day but you can also search forward or backwards for planetary hours of any day of any year. 

Again, you can use planetary hours for ANYTHING. Literally anything. The most important part of utilizing planetary hours is knowing what each planet influences. 

Which brings me to the most important part of this post which is what is each hour good for?!

Sunday/Sun hour:

This day/hour is good for activities that you want or could gain recognition for, publicity, interacting with authority figures (masculine energy), gaining your own power over a situation, confidence boosting, vitality and health, starting new friendships. 

I personally use the sun hours to promote my business. I view this hour as the illumination hour, so if it’s an area of my life (ex. my business) where I want to shine or gain attention I would post it during this time.

Monday/Moon hour:

Spiritual/soul work, interacting with feminine energy, anything dealing with emotions, activities that deal with water. 

Honestly, Monday is a second Sunday to me. I use this day to prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the week. I usually clean (moon rules cancer = cancer rules the 4H = the 4H rules domestic activities/the home). I also do divination work on this day as well if I feel up to it. I’ve burned bay leaves on Monday, done tarot readings, and candle magic on Moondays and I’ve always seen great results from it. However, remember the moon is unstable energy meaning it fluctuates often. Before diving into any kind of divination work you need to know what phase the moon is in to aid in its effectiveness. This is also a good day for journaling, meditating, and other activities that focus on emotional and spiritual centeredness. I wouldn’t make important decisions on a Moonday/hour because remember, unstable energy. Emotions, like the moon, change often. I wouldn’t commit or act too quickly on a Moonday or during a moon hour. 

Tuesday/Mars hour: 

Physical activity, sports (competitions), conflicts/confrontation, dealing with anything that requires force or energy behind it. 

Mars energy is great for lighting a fire under your butt! Work out during a mars hour, or do a task that you’ve been putting off for a while (whether it requires a lot of energy or not!). This is a good hour to face something head on and to be brave. If there is something going on in your life that makes you feel apprehensive or uneasy, dealing with it during a mars day/hours can give you the boost you need to deal with it. This is also a good time to work on something that you want to move swiftly.

Wednesday/Mercury hour:

Writing, communication (verbal and written), studying, teaching, sharing messages, short distance travel, taking exams, anything with exchanging information. 

This is a very important hour for me! If you’re a business owner, student, a writer, or someone that works with exchanging information often this is your day/hour! Mercury energy is the best time for activities like this because Mercury rules communication in written and verbal formats. This includes social media posting. I usually post during Mercury hours because that is usually when I receive the best traction on my posts. 

Thursday/Jupiter hour:

Good for just about anything, things dealing with money/abundance (asking or giving; accumulating), activities that build good karma (positive energy exchange), engaging in legal, philosophical, or religious activities, long distance travel, making desirable connections, making business deals/investments. 

Jupiter energy is energy that rules expansion/accumulation, karma, and religion/philosophy. Jupiter day/hour in my opinion is a good time to focus on things you want to take to the next level. This is a good time to build on existing things. For example, if you’re writing a book this is a good time to think of how you can make it a better book. Make sense? I also think this is a good hour to be charitable (with a giving heart!) I would plan joyous gatherings or meet ups during a jupiter day/hour, or plan to board a flight on this day/hour. This is also a good time to accumulate money/ask for money or favors in general. 

Friday/Venus hour:

Taking/posting photos, music/movies (entertainment), cooking, marriage, romance, sex, beauty, fashion, parties. 

Venus loves the arts, luxury, and love! This is a great time for artists because this is a good time to promote your work! This is also a good time to engage in venusian activities. Yes, that includes relationship and sex related things. Ask someone out, or plan your date(s) on Venusian days/hours. I would also plan or attend parties during the Venus hour. I created my Hinge profile during a Venus hour and so far so good. I’ve also posted many selfies and cooking content at this time and the traction was great. 

Saturday/Saturn hour:

Starting long term projects, dealing with elders, building homes/structures, dealing with serious long term issues, dealing with things you want to last, that may take time to build. Saturn also deals with blockages and delays so you could experience this during this day/hour. This is a time to engage in things that you don’t want to or that doesn’t need to move swiftly. Saturn also rules karma, so be mindful of your actions and the energy you’re putting out during this time. 

Saturn is an hour that I use to plan and work on my business. My business is something that will take time to grow, that needs consistent work and energy. That’s Saturn. I take this time to work on things that will help my business to become a strong and lasting structure.

Planetary hours are not foolproof. Other factors can and will play into the success of utilizing this system, but you will see some form of a result in using this system! I most certainly have! Have you used planetary hours before? Will you? Let me know your thoughts! 

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Please note: I’m not an astrologer, I am an astrology enthusiast who shares knowledge that I feel comfortable expanding upon.

Source (for the history of planetary hours).

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