December Astrology Events 2020

Dec. 14th: New moon/solar eclipse in Sagittarius

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun. This lunar eclipse is like any other new moon. The new moon is a great time for manifesting, and preparing for a new future. With it being the last solar eclipse of the year, utilize this energy to focus on beginning new cycles. I would focus on writing out your goals on paper or even creating a vision board. With the new moon being in Sagittarius I would also focus on Sagittarius/Jupiter themes like expansion/growth, wealth attainment, religion/philosophy, long distance travel, etc. Don’t overthink this. Just think fresh!

December 15th: Chiron goes direct in Aries

Chiron is known as the wounded healer. Chiron went retrograde in Aries 5 months ago and will be stationing direct on the 15th. This means that Chiron is going to be coming in ready to apply all that it’s learned over the past 5 months. This is a time to implement the knowledge, skills, and abilities you’ve learned regarding overcoming your insecurities, self-perceived failures/shortcomings, lack mentality, and old wounds. Chiron wants to achieve but often gets in its own way. With the retrograde ending along with the Aries energy influencing Chiron you will be feeling more ready and equipped than ever to face yourself head on and go for what you want without overthinking and negative self-talk. You’ll be better equipped to heal your wounds and transmute this energy into something that benefits your growth.

December 16th/17th: Saturn enters Aquarius

Saturn entering Aquarius marks the dawn of a new era. We’ll be focusing more on our technology, connections, community contributions, goals, dreams, and social structures. I also feel this will be a time for advocacy and elevating “the little guy”. Saturn tests us and also reveals the weak spots in our operations (you see what Saturn in Capricorn has done). With this transit that lasts for 3 years, you can expect to want to simplify and focus on efficiency when it comes to accomplishing your goals and transforming your life. Aquarius is for the people and Capricorn is more self-serving energy. Expect to see changes in how we interact and provide for others (on all scales) to enact change for the better.

December 19th: Jupiter enters Aquarius

Jupiter will enter Aquarius on the 19th and remain there for one year. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, religion, optimism, and philosophy. Jupiter in Aquarius will bring forth a new,  progressive perspective on religion, education, and politics. This transit will encourage us to expand our mental horizons and be open minded and release some of the attachments we have to “tradition”. It’s best to just go with the flow during the transit. It is also important to evolve with the focus that will be on humanitarianism, groups/collectives, and freedom during this transit. Aquarius is a fixed sign so resistance only breeds more resistance. Don’t fight the change!

December 21st: Beginning of Capricorn sun/Jupiter + Saturn Conjunction

On this day Saturn and Jupiter will form a conjunction while both being in Aquarius. This conjunction happens every 20 years. However this is first time in centuries that it will conjoin and be visible in the night sky appearing 1/10th of a degree apart, and it is also the first time in centuries that it will take place in an air sign. This conjuction marks the end of a 200 year era of this transit taking place in earth signs. This is exactly what this energy is about. The end of an era and the emmergence of a new one. It merges the methodical and stable Saturn with the expansive and optimistic nature of Jupiter to influence energy that can bring forth monumental changes in the world and systems we rely on.

With the sun entering Capricorn on this day as well. I would utilize this energy to focus on your future and what you really want to see and accomplish for yourself. This energy can truly change the tide for many of us. Use it. It all comes down to your thoughts and language (air sign influence). I would lean on planning an optimistic, structured future for yourself. What do you want? How much do you believe in it? How will you make it happen?

Saturn is not a fast moving planet but it does yield lasting results. What you put in is what you will get out.

December 29th: Full moon in Cancer

Full moon in cancer is a good time to focus on purging any emotional baggage you’re carrying. Especially before we enter into the new year! Take this time to journal, take a spiritual bath (especially if there are some emotional cords that need to be cut), relax, tidy up your home (purge if you need to) and focus on your relationships with both yourself and the people in your life. I would also spend some time with your soul tribe and just speak with them if you feel called to. Have a good cry too!

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