How to: Visualization Manifestation

One of my favorite ways to manifest is to use visuals of what I want to happen in my life and keep those visuals in a place where I’ll see them daily. This can be in the form of a screensaver, vision board, or even just a page of out a magazine. My ultimate favorite method for visualization manifestation is to create a vision board (because I am also a neat freak lol).

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a tangible, motivational, visual representation of things you want to manifest into your life. They are (typically) collages of images and/or words that relate to what you want to manifest.

Why a vision board?

I like vision boards because as opposed to having images all over the place, they can be in a central location on your vision board for you to take in at any time. It is also a great progress meter because you’re reminded often of what you want to manifest but also where you are with manifesting those things. Again, I’m a neat freak so I can’t have too many things covering my walls, but a vision board takes care of that by having multiple images in one.

When should you create a vision board?

ANYTIME! You don’t have to save a vision board for a special occasion. You can create a vision board whenever you feel moved to do so! I’ll be creating one for the new year, but I’ve also created one in July for my birthday and another in February just because.

How do you create a vision board?

Vision boards are usually made with images/words from old magazines. However, you can use images from the internet as well and print them out. Throughout the year I’ll collect a few magazines to use for my vision board(s)– yes you can have an overall vision board or you can make vision boards for different subjects/areas of your life. Once I have all my magazines, I will go through them and collect the images/words I want to include on my vision board. I’ll also sort them by subject (but that’s just me, you don’t have to do that). You can use poster board or any type of paper (or cardboard) to secure your images to your vision board. Just make sure it’s large enough for all that you want to include. You can secure your items using glue or tape. I recommend a glue stick because the glue won’t bleed through the images and it won’t be as time or cost consuming. The day I’m going to put my vision board together, I sit down in comfortable space and turn on a TV show or some music and cut out my images (to make them smaller and more cohesive on the board) and paste them anywhere I want. I keep going until I fill the board and tah-dah! We have a vision board.

Where should you put your vision board?

I usually keep my vision board in my room because remember this is a manifestation tool and it’s best to keep your manifestations to yourself. Also, it’s just where I feel most comfortable and at peace so I’m in a good space when I look at my vision board. I can see if all the time and keep myself motivated and inspired daily. I also have made smaller vision boards and put them on my bathroom mirror. That’s an option as well. However, I do recommend putting it in your room. Depending on where you intend to put your vision board make sure you measure the space so you’ll know how much room you have for your board before you create it. We don’t want to have to cut off any parts of our board after we create it!

Because again, vision boards should be kept private the following examples of a vision board is not my own. I am including this for a visual aide and inspiration for ways that you can create yours!

Additional tips:

  • Collect the images/words you want to include on your vision board before you sit down to create your vision board.
  • If your space is limited, measure your wall space before you create your vision board so you can make sure that you have enough room.
  • Focus on your intentions! when clipping your images and creating your vision board make sure that you are in a positive headspace. Make sure that you putting your good vibes and beliefs that what you want to manifest will happen into your board.
  • Have fun! Turn on some feel good music, a feel good movie/show, or even invite some friends over and create your boards together. Enjoy yourself!
  • Feel free to add to your board over time! You may develop a new goal or accomplish a goal so you have room for more.
  • Keep track of what you’ve accomplished! Manifestations take time. It’s not usually an overnight process and that’s okay. Whether it was a big or small goal. Celebrate that win!
  • You can also create a vision board digitally if that works better for you! Using sites like Pinterest or Instagram to save posts to a select board or folder allows for you to keep your visual manifestations with you at all times.

Happy manifesting! I hope that you have a great time creating your vision board and checking in throughout the year to check off all that you’ve accomplished.

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