January Astrology Events

January 6th: Mars enters Taurus at 5:27pm 

  • Expect to be more deliberate in your intentions, but less quick to act. Your focus will be more on the outcome of the action, which will lead you to think more about your plans and process at this time. 
  • The energy may be slower to anger however, the ability to get angry is still VERY present and active. However, it will more likely come out in instances of frustration or perceived injustice for yourself and/or others. 
  • To accomplish your goals at this time you should focus on being patient and gaining long term satisfaction with your accomplishments. This is a good time to work on things that take time. This is also a good time to focus on matters of money, the home, aesthetics, “helping the little guy”, or resolving outstanding issues. 
  • Look at your transit chart to see where transit mars will be in your chart and what aspects it is making to your natal planets. 

January 8th: Mercury Enters Aquarius at 7am 

  • Mercury is the planet of communication, learning, interactions, thought process, how we get things done, short distance travel (driving), focus, and ideas.  
  • With Mercury in Aquarius you will find that you may be influenced to be more open socially in your interactions, may desire to share out of the box ideas or to engage in abstract conversations. You may also find you work better in groups or may want to bounce ideas off of other people. You may also find yourself utilizing technology more to share ideas and interact with others. Advancements may even be made in this area. Conversations/thoughts may be less emotional and may be more focused on the matter at hand. Conversations/thoughts can also be more jovial, lighthearted, and communal. While on the opposite end they may be more radical and innovative. 

January 8th: Venus enters Capricorn at 10:41am 

  • Venus rules love, relationships partnerships (platonic, romantic, and business), art, aesthetics, fashion, food, children, beauty, culture, money, desires, pleasures, luxury and sensuality.  
  • Venus in Capricorn could have you taking a more serious approach to your relationships, and thinking more long term. This could even impact your choices for fashion as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn (longevity) and Venus rules fashion so you may be looking to make better or more luxurious purchases in terms of your wardrobe. You will also be more focused on being practical in Venus related things, especially money. You’ll be looking to either save or invest your money wisely so that it works for you. I call Venus in Capricorn the intentional lover. You’ll be putting a lot more thought into how you’re navigating your relationships, money, and bonds.  

January 13th: Capricorn New Moon at 23° at 12am (EST) 

  • New moons are ideal times for goal setting, manifesting, creating new habits, and focus on things that will positively impact your future. It’s all about necessary changes for having a fresh start. The moon controls our emotions. Getting emotionally aligned with what you want to experience in your life will aide in your pursuit of those goals. 
  • New moon in Capricorn encourages you to set practical, attainable goals specifically in the areas of money, business, and your future. Remember Capricorn= long term/future. 
  • Accept any limitations or restrictions you may have in some areas and learn to work with them NOT against them.  
  • You may find yourself taking a slower approach to things but that’s the Earth Energy of Capricorn grounding you and bringing you back to reality. Not everything can move as quickly as we would like it to.  
  • Focus on security and deeper thoughts on your ideas and goals.  

January 14th: Uranus goes direct at 6° at 3:36am 

  • Uranus is the planet that does what it wants. It’s unconventional, surprising, and freedom loving. While Uranus was in retrograde, we found ourselves a little bit more cautious in our decision making and actions.  
  • When Uranus goes direct, those inhibitions around our decisions and actions. This will be on a personal and global level. 
  • Taurus rules beauty, money, and luxury. I predict that we will see changes in money, definitions of beauty/luxury, and ultimately a flip in what is considered beautiful and luxury. I believe we’ll see more unconventional methods of using money (bartering), and beauty/fashion being represented in media. 
  • I also feel that Uranus gives a boost to the little guy because Uranus rules things that are “unconventional”. I feel that with Uranus going direct, the underdogs could greatly benefit from that (in regards that what house Uranus falls into). 

January 19th: Sun enters Aquarius at 3:40pm 

  • Sun in Aquarius will bring some fun, innovation, spontaneous, human focused, approach to life. Take time to celebrate your and others uniqueness, quirks, and individualism. Use this time to experiment with your style, looks, and fashion. Tap into social awareness, contribute positively to other people’s lives, and tap in with your friends! Even your most radical, innovative idea gets a boost at this time. Tap into this energy and have fun! 

January 28th: Leo Full Moon at 9° at 2:16pm 

  • Full moons are about releasing and healing. 
  • The full moon in Leo encourages healing of the ego, drive, creativity, self-awareness and confidence. Leo also rules the heart so matters of the heart/love that may have created wounds should be addressed and healed at this time as well. This goes for your love for yourself and others. The sun also rules vitality so healing any issues in your stamina/physical body should be looked at as well.  
  • I recommend focusing on heart chakra healing, addressing any issues with the aforementioned areas. Simply participating in a creative activity you enjoy can help you with healing. Release your inhibitions and insecurities around your light. Focus on your desire to shine and where you would like to.  
  • Heart chakra exercises I recommend are writing a love letter to yourself highlighting all the amazing and wonderful things you are, repeat positive love affirmation, meditate with rose quartz; work on your posture (sit up straight), place your hand on your heart, and do some deep breathing focusing on opening your heart.  

January 30th Aquarius Mercury Retrograde 26° at 10:51am 

  • Aqua Retrograde will bring forth miscommunications, technology and travel mishaps. Mercury retrograde, and retrogrades in general, ask us to step back and reevaluate that area of our lives. With Mercury in Aquarius in retrograde you may experience some form of emotional release because Aqua is not prone to emotional thoughts and expression so that area can be neglected in one’s life. Retrograde will allow you to get in touch with the areas of your psyche you haven’t ventured into in a while. 
  • Be sure to watch your words and your language, take your time in travel, and to not get tooooo wrapped up in nostalgia. (Thoughts of the past are there for you to address them and move on, not to necessarily act on it but also use discernment). Also don’t jump into any business deals during this time. Take is slow, in all things dealing with thoughts, interactions, and communications. 

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