January Tarotscopes

Tarotscopes are collective tarot readings completed by me pulling 2 tarot cards representing the past and present/future. I also pulled a collective Blessing Oracle Card for each group. Tarotscopes resonate best when applied to your rising sign. HOWEVER, for a full picture you can read the tarotscope for your sun and moon sign. If it don’t apply, let it fly!

Tarotscopes by Briwholistically

Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) 

  • COLLECTIVE OVERVIEW: 2020 did a number on you all due to the Capricorn pile up in Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. With Jupiter and Saturn now in Aquarius and that means that you’ll be getting a break from here in out. Of course it won’t be 100% smooth sailing but you can take a deep breath now. With the lessons you’ve gained in 2020, it is now on you to apply it to your now. Be mindful to not carry the emotions of stress and hardships from 2020 because it will cause you stress and fear around your goals and desires. You have everything you need for this chapter in your life. 
  • Aries (9 of cups, the star in reverse):  to reach emotional fulfillment you have to focus on what is causing you to lose your faith and hope in what the universe has for you. Don’t allow your fears to keep you from seeking emotional fulfillment in yourself and others. You’re afraid that you’re not going to remain happy or that you can find happiness within yourself and you have to figure out where you lost your enthusiasm, and gusto for life. Life will continue to throw you curveballs, how you navigate them is on you. 
  • Cancer (10 of pentacles, 3 of pentacles in reverse): material stability is on the horizon. You’re focused on creating a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and you want to start off your year off with a BAG! However, in the midst of focusing on your material gains, don’t discount the help and support of your tribe. You felt a bit isolated last year, but this year it’s important to focus on collaborating and accepting help from others on your journey. It’s okay to trust again! 
  • Libra (King of cups in reverse, 9 of pentacles): You’re focus needs to be on leaving behind things that do not emotionally fulfill you. What I’m hearing is to stop being so agreeable. It’s time for you to get a little selfish and focus on your fulfillment within your own space and gains. Don’t feel bad about this. This year it’s about you. Enjoy it! 
  • Capricorn (7 of swords the magician): You’re hoarding a lot of information right now. You’re not comfortable speaking your mind right now. You need to focus on transmuting this energy. You struggle sometimes with being emotionally open, but people are not mind readers. If you’re not going to share it, transmute it, but whatever you do stop holding on to it! Understand the power you have to shape your reality.  
  • Collective Cardinal Signs Blessing Card Pull: The blessing of acceptance is upon you. Remember: Every part of you is equally worthy of love. Accept yourself as you are and this will be a blessing unto yourself and others. If you wish to see the truth of the matter, hold no preference, either for or against a particular outcome. Just be the love that you truly are.  

Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) 

  • COLLECTIVE OVERVIEW: You’re going to be facing a lot of life lessons and restriction now that Saturn and Jupiter are in Aquarius. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have a bad year. It means that you’ll be experiencing a period of time where you’ll be faced with learning more about yourself on a deeper level and reaping the benefits of the efforts you have and are willing to put in. 
  • Taurus (the chariot, 5 of pentacles): you may have recently faced some form of a loss materially (financially). You’re feeling insecure about yourself due to this loss and you’re worried about what happens next for you, but the Chariot energy is what will pull you through. Taurus you are strong, tenacious, and resourceful. Don’t spend time licking you wounds over what you feel you lack and focus on what you do best, creating a plan to get it back. The chariot speaks to all the traits you innately possess to gain success and achievements. Don’t count yourself out!  
  • Leo (the hermit in reverse, the lovers): you’re ready to re-emerge on the scene Leo. Last year, you all were a little more lowkey than usual. However, you’re ready to leave hermit mode behind. 2020 was an eye opening season for you Leos. You’ve matured a lot, and addressed any outstanding insecurities you had regarding who you are and the beauty you provide to the world. You’re taking yourself seriously this year and you’re not interested in external opinions of others. It’s about to get realllllll loud for you all! The lovers could speak to a connection that has helped you to find your spark or it could be a connection that is in route to you. This is not solely about a romantic relationship as this can also be a platonic connection (or a stronger existing relationship). This person is a great help mate for you and provides you with the reassurance that you need. They are focused on affirming you and helping you reach your full potential. You’re a star in their eyes and they make sure that you know it. They keep you safe and let you flourish. That’s all you need Leo. Now show the people how it’s done! 
  • Scorpio (two of pentacles, wheel of fortune): you’re turning over a new leaf Scorpio. You now have a clear definition of your priorities and are focused on ensuring you’re balancing them to the best of your ability. You’re also at a turning point in your life where you’ll be reaping some positive benefits from the energy you’ve put into your life, actions, and relationships. You’re ready for your moment Scorpio and this year is setting you up for it. However, there is STILL work to be done. Don’t give up and keep your integrity…and negative thoughts in check. 
  • Aquarius (2 of swords, queen of swords in reverse): a difficult decision has to be made that it feels like you’re avoiding because of fears around the reaction you may receive. This decision could involve a feminine energy that you feel is cold or may react to you in an overly-emotional manner. This may even be a somewhat emotional situation that you may be in. You’re not eager to make the move to initiate contact but with swords showing up twice this shows that it’s a situation that is implies that this is a situation that is impacting you mentally. If it’s on your mind, let it off Aquarius because it’s not going to disappear just because you don’t address it. Also, with Saturn being in you sign it’s important that you take heed to what Saturn is pushing you to do. Transmuting energy that you feel is restricting you in some way (in this case not being able to address a situation) will ultimately work out in your favor, no matter the outcome.  
  • Collective Fixed Signs Blessing Card Pull: The Blessing Without Borders is upon you. Remember: In essence, we are living energy flowing through the ocean of human consciousness; spiritual beings moving through cycles of life, birth, death and rebirth. We are all interconnected and in communion with each other, no matter how much physical space appears to separate us. Feel the blessed presence of someone you love this moment in your heart.  

Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) 

  • COLLECTIVE OVERVIEW: 2020 was a year of major changes and surprises for you, but it was all for your betterment and maturity. You can expect to experience some of the same themes from last year in terms of high highs and low lows, but the difference in this year is that you are more prepared to deal with what comes at you. You’ll be in a place their year where you are more comfortable with expressing yourself and your ideas and also acting on them. You’re not over or under this year, you’re just content and vibing and honestly, you love that for you! 
  • Gemini (ace of swords, 2 of wands in reverse): you’re in a space of mental clarity and even having a spark of new ideas. However, you need to focus on planning and focusing on how you intend to bring your new ideas into fruition. I wouldn’t recommend going at this in true Gemini fashion. You need to have an at length plan that takes into the account your ideas and the proper steps to achieve them. Your ideas aren’t going anywhere! You don’t have to act as soon as the thought enters your mind. You are creative and smart enough to make anything happen. Do it the right way! Also you may have to ensure that your goals are aligned with someone else’s, in a sense of your goals and theirs are not cancelling each other’s out. If you are partnered or caring for someone, they are a factor and you have to find balance in the actions you take in both your world and your external world. They can mesh though, just plan on it! 
  • Virgo (king of pentacles, 10 of wands): Virgo you’re focusing on getting to the money. You want material abundance and you want it now. Some of you may even be focusing on transitioning into full time entrepreneurship, or making better financial investments. Either way in true Virgo fashion you are locked into your plans for this year. You spent most of 2020 preparing for this moment and now that it’s here you’re ready to rise to the occasion. However, Virgo what I want you to be mindful of is to not allow your thirst for power, control, and what you want to overshadow your need for balance in terms of self-care. You’re no stranger to hard work and you are more than willing to do what it takes to reach your goals. However, you still need help and you still need support. Just because you can do it alone doesn’t mean you should. If you’re going to manage making the money and building your business/legacy then let people support you in other ways. You can’t and shouldn’t do this on your own. No use in achieving your goals if when you get there you are too burned out to enjoy it.  
  • Sagittarius (the wheel of fortune in reverse, 10 of swords): Sagittarius the wheel of fortune being in reverse does not mean that you are not on a path of receiving good fortune, it means that there is a blockage in your receiving it. You are about to be faced with a hard reality in regards to your relationships with others. You are one of the most giving and loving signs and when it comes to your circle you are ALWAYS down to be the go to friend. However, you’re at a crossroad right now in terms of who can and cannot come, who is and is not actually helping you grow. Sagittarius’s have a thing for nostalgia. For as adventurous as you are you also find deep comfort in keeping all the pieces of your life in the same place (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it). Over the next few months you’re going to start seeing cracks in the foundation. Not because you’re surrounded by bad people. It’s because you’re surrounded by stagnant energy. It’s time to get a grip on where you see your life going and who can actually keep up with your new path. It’s nothing wrong with stepping back or even away. Sometimes it’s the only thing you can do. You’re blessings are not in the mundane! 
  • Pisces (the tower, knight of cups in reverse): You’re in a space of deep awakenings and revelations, possibly in the relationships sphere. You’re learning that your imagination may have ran wild a little bit last year and that may have caused you to view certain situations in an exaggerated light. You’re in a place where you want to be centered and focus. You’re still a broad thinker but you’re not taking it to a level where you’re idealizing others or even making situations worse in your mind then they are in your mind. You’re realizing that things “falling apart” was so that you can be rebuilt into a stronger, more capable version of yourself. Moving forward, focus solely on what is being presented to you as it is happening, not the past or what you hope to happen. That will save you from being confused and potentially hurt in the end. You can face the reality of a situation, you’re strong enough! 
  • Collective Mutable Signs Blessing Card Pull:The sunlight blessing is upon you. Remember: a ray of light bursts through the cloud of uncertainty and darkness transforms to light. A new day is born and the first buds of spring appear. You are blessed with the birth of something new; a new season of your life begins with this very special blessing. 

I’ll be next month with February’s Tarotscopes 🙂 In the mean time you can book a personal tarot reading with me or keep up with my social media content:

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