About Bazey

Heyyyyy y’all! I’m Bazey!

I’m Bazey, a tarot reader and astrologer. I have been reading tarot for 4 years. I’ve been studying astrology for 4 years and have been offering services for 2 years. 

I create beginner friendly content for ALL! It is my goal to break down these complex topics and astrology events and make them easily digestible for you.

The goal of all my readings is make sure you walk away empowered, informed, and inspired to continue on your soul journey. I take a collaborative approach to my readings because I am a reader who believes that everyone has the same connection to source as I do. There is no superiority or false idol ship within my practice. I am here to help you with spiritual guidance and self-accountability. I will show you immense love and encourage you to do the work. 

If you have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Thank you so much for patronizing my business. 

Wishing you an abundance of the best!


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