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My etsy shop for tarot and astrology readings is located here:

Tarot Readings:

Tarot Readings (In-Depth 10 Card Tarot Pulls + 3 Oracle Card Pulls)– $115

This is an extensive 10 card tarot reading plus 3 oracle card pulls.

You can choose ONE topic for your reading from the options provided.

This reading can be done live or through a recorded video file.

Birth Chart Readings:

LIVE Birth Chart Consultation + Astrology 101 Resource Guide– $130

This is a 60-minute birth chart consultation. This is not your typical birth chart reading. During your consultation we will be collaboratively walking through your birth chart together where I help to teach you astrology while answering any questions you have.

This reading is done live. You will also receive my Astrology 101 Guidebook PDF. Reading is recorded.

You may ask me 1-5 questions for your reading. Questions should be self-development based and focused on understanding how the elements of your birth chart contribute to your personality, interests, etc.

Astrology 101 Guide Book PDF ONLY!– $15; a comprehensive reference guide that breaks down the elements of a birth chart. This includes houses, planets, zodiac signs, degrees, dignities, and aspects!


This is soul work and that means that it will take time to receive your readings but that makes it more worthwhile. As a reader, my energy has to be elevated in order to best serve you! I will not produce subpar work and that is why I do not rush. However, I always do my best to get my readings out to you in a timely manner. Sometimes that means I am early or within the timeframe that is expected. I appreciate you understanding and being patient!

With that being said, tarot readings have a 5-7 day turnaround time.

Birth chart readings are only done LIVE. Tarot readings can be either live or recorded. If you book a birth chart consultation and/or a LIVE tarot reading I will reach out to you via email to schedule with you within the 5-7 day turnaround time. Please note I do not work late evenings, weekends, or federal holidays. If you are unable to schedule within the 5-7 day date range then we will schedule for a later date.

I do not read for death, health, revenge, or anything else that is viewed as a fated event. I will read for love if it comes up however, I do not specifically do love readings and I do not speak to timelines for any of the aforementioned life events.

I have the right to refuse services to anyone at any time. (I never have and do not plan to do so but rudeness, unrealistic expectations, and rushing me are on the list of things that will cause me to refuse service to you.)

Absolutely no refunds UNLESS I cannot do your reading.

Please read my policies page on my Etsy shop and/or contact me if you have any questions!

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